Photo by Alexus Maclane 2017


As a politically engaged artist, I utilize performance, music, and social practice as forums to engage the viewer’s sense of proximity and generosity. I explore our human proclivity for alliance building and urge for community reclamation by activating spaces for resistance, feminist expression, and radical giving.

My performance work offers viewers insight into radical confusions with in my intellectual and corporeal experience of lives inside civilizations. Music functions in my practice as a transient gathering place, from which performers can stoke points of cultural and political relation. We give out healthy fruit at our shows. My social practice work addresses community service and development in Chicago, asking questions about democracy, urban histories, and public space. 

The goal of my work is always to form alliances through art. I wish to always make known how contingent each of our vitalities are on one another's, and in turn to the vitalities of earth.